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What does clothing or technical clothing offer?

If you practice any type of sport, surely wear clothes with special properties to improve comfort and evaporation of sweat.

"Technical clothing" used to describe things designed to cope with extremes, such as outerwear for difficult conditions, performance items for athletes and protective clothing for jobs such as firefighting. Now it's used more broadly: it describes everything from sportswear to sleepwear.

So what exactly do the brands mean when they use the word technical? In general terms, "technical" will indicate functional benefits.

At Intorsa we want "technical" and "functional" benefits that are applicable to the lives of any busy, motivated person engaged in different types of activities.

We are guided by the following functional benefits:

  • Comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Confidence in being prepared
  • Convenience
  • High quality for less replacement

Our goal is to create the raw material for a final product development that provides confidence, convenience and worry-free operation so that the user can concentrate on the things that matter.

We want to provide the best material with the necessary strength and elasticity to achieve good results in the product the company makes for the end user.

To achieve the functional benefits for day-to-day use, companies incorporate innovative functional elements into their products, thanks to the creation of technical and sustainable fabrics with our polyamide and polyester yarns that we manufacture at our facilities with the latest generation machines such as S.S.M. and Fadis and also the twisting of these technical yarns with RATTI and R.P.R. machines.

Thanks to the system used in the creation of the technical yarns we can manufacture high quality fibres with special characteristics that other yarns are unable to achieve. This is why many companies on the market use these yarns to improve the product they sell.