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What types of Textile Winding exist?

Depending on what type of thread and material you want to produce, a winding system or another will be used, so here you will see some of the most common machines together with the one we use in our company.

In the past it is very true that there were not many of these machines so it made the work a little heavy and very long, and thanks to these machines help to speed up the creation of the product, reduce hours, so as to have a more appropriate time to deliver the various fabrics that make the textile companies.

In the world of textile factories you can see several very interesting and complex machines, such as for example the different processes in which these threads are made or the different forms of winding that can be found. Then, we will mention and explain each of the most influential types of textile winding in the world.

Some textile winding machines

1. Thread Winding Machine: For reels to be used in coating machines. This type of winding is intended for twisting and reclining machines, measuring 20mm wide by 200mm in diameter.

2. Automatic winding machine: These are widely used for ropes and tubular fabrics, measuring 300mm wide by 300mm in diameter and at first it was specially designed to work with needle cord machines.

3. Automatic winding machine for weaving loom: This machine is specially designed to work from weaving loom. Measurements may vary according to customer specifications and it has 4 to 10 winding systems.

4. Parallel winding machine for reel: It is widely used for winding tapes, laces, braids, cords, in most cases, measures 300mm wide by 350 in diameter and has a good balancing system for the proper functioning of the machine.

5. Winding machine for threads: It is used in most of the cases for the winding of thread destined to the different reels, measures 50mm of width by 90 of diameter. This machine has a timer to fill the reel, a general stop of the machine and an automatic stop.

6. Winding machine for sewing threads: As its name implies, it is a highly automatic winding machine for sewing threads and is widely used by companies dedicated to this type of winding work.

7. Winding and measuring machine: it is a machine that is used in most cases for ropes and ropes and with which threads can also be made. It is a semi-automatic machine with which large and extensive threads and strong high tension ropes are made.

8. Multiple winding system machine: a very large winding system as it has 10 outputs to work with and what makes it one of the most lucrative for textile companies.

9. Winding machine SSM and Fadis: it has the latest generation Fastflex technology to carry out the winding in a precise and ultra-fast way, it is a machine that has generated a revolution all over Europe. It allows us to make a winding in any type of tube, from dye tube to producer tube. This innovative system is the one we use in our company Intorsa, marking the difference of the competition.

In conclusion, we could see 9 different winding machines for textile companies and among other things that can be done with these as ropes, ropes, among other things and you can see that as time goes by these machines are increasingly updated and making the work easier and faster for people.